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Quantitative Aptitude Objective Questions { Simple Interest }

8. A lent Rs. 5000 to B for 2 years and Rs. 3000 to C for 4 years on simple interest at the same rate of interest and received Rs. 2200 in all from both of them as interest. The rate of interest per annum is:
C.7 1 --------% 8
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9.  A sum of Rs. 725 is lent in the beginning of a year at a certain rate of interest. After 8 months, a sum of Rs. 362.50 more is lent but at the rate twice the former. At the end of the year, Rs. 33.50 is earned as interest from both the loans. What was the original rate of interest?
D.None of these
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10.  A man took loan from a bank at the rate of 12% p.a. simple interest. After 3 years he had to pay Rs. 5400 interest only for the period. The principal amount borrowed by him was:
A.Rs. 2000
B. Rs. 10,000
C.Rs. 15,000
D.Rs. 20,000
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11. A sum of money amounts to Rs. 9800 after 5 years and Rs. 12005 after 8 years at the same rate of simple interest. The rate of interest per annum is:
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12. What will be the ratio of simple interest earned by certain amount at the same rate of interest for 6 years and that for 9 years?
A.1 : 3
B.1 : 4
C.2 : 3
D.None of these
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13. A certain amount earns simple interest of Rs. 1750 after 7 years. Had the interest been 2% more, how much more interest would it have earned?
A.Rs. 35
B.Rs. 245
C.Rs. 350
D.Cannot be determined
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14. A person borrows Rs. 5000 for 2 years at 4% p.a. simple interest. He immediately lends it to another person at 6% p.a for 2 years. Find his gain in the transaction per year.
A.Rs. 112.50
B.Rs. 125
C.Rs. 225
D.Rs. 167.50
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