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Quantitative Aptitude Objective Questions { Compound Interest }

8. The least number of complete years in which a sum of money put out at 20% compound interest will be more than doubled is:
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9. Albert invested an amount of Rs. 8000 in a fixed deposit scheme for 2 years at compound interest rate 5 p.c.p.a. How much amount will Albert get on maturity of the fixed deposit?
A.Rs. 8600
B.Rs. 8620
C.Rs. 8820
D.None of these
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10. The effective annual rate of interest corresponding to a nominal rate of 6% per annum payable half-yearly is:
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11. Simple interest on a certain sum of money for 3 years at 8% per annum is half the compound interest on Rs. 4000 for 2 years at 10% per annum. The sum placed on simple interest is:
A.Rs. 1550
B.Rs. 1650
C.Rs. 1750
D.Rs. 2000
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12. If the simple interest on a sum of money for 2 years at 5% per annum is Rs. 50, what is the compound interest on the same at the same rate and for the same time?
A.Rs. 51.25
B.Rs. 52
C.Rs. 54.25
D.Rs. 60
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13. The difference between simple interest and compound on Rs. 1200 for one year at 10% per annum reckoned half-yearly is:
A.Rs. 2.50
B.Rs. 3
C.Rs. 3.75
D.Rs. 4
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14. The difference between compound interest and simple interest on an amount of Rs. 15,000 for 2 years is Rs. 96. What is the rate of interest per annum?
D.Cannot be determined
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