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Verbal Ability Objective Questions { Sentence Correction }

50. Later he became unpopular because he tried to lord it on his followers.
A.to lord it for
B.to lord over
C.to lord it over
D.to lord it over on
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51. The crops are dying; it must not had rained.
A.must had not
B.must not be
C.must not have
D.must not have been
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52. The courts are actively to safeguard the interests and the rights of the poor.
A.are actively to safeguarding
B.have been actively safeguarding
C.have to active in safeguarding
D.are actively in safeguarding
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53. The drama had many scenes which were so humorous that it was hardly possible to keep a straight face.
A.hardly possible for keeping
B.hardly impossible for keeping
C.hardly impossible for keep
D.No correction required
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54. Hardly does the sun rise when the stars disappeared.
A.have the sun rose
B.had the sun risen
C.did the sun rose
D.the sun rose
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55. You will be late if you do not leave now
A.did not leave
B.will not leave
C.do not happen to leave
D.No correction required
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56. The train will leave at 8.30 pm, we have been ready by 7.30pm so that, we can reach the station in time.
B.must be
D.should have
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