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Verbal Ability Objective Questions { Sentence Correction }

43. He dislikes the word dislike, isn't he
A.didn't he
B.doesn't he
C.hasn't he
D.No correction required
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44. We must take it granted that Madhu will not come for today's function.
A.take it for granted
B.taking it granted
C.took it as granted
D.No correction required
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45. The research study is an eye-opener and attempts to acquaint us with the problems of poor nations.
A.attempted to acquaint
B.attempts at acquainting
C.attempt to acquaint
D.attempting to acquaint
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46. It was unanimously resolved that the parties should unitedly undertook launching of popular programmes.
A.should be united undertook
B.should be unitedly undertaken
C.should be unitedly undertake
D.should unitedly undertake
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47. They continued to work in the field despite of the heavy rains.
A.even though there is heavy rain
B.although heavily rains
C.in spite the heavy rains
D.even though it rained heavily
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48. It is always better to make people realise the importance of discipline than to impose them on it.
A.impose it with them
B.impose them with it
C.imposing them on it
D.impose it on them
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49. My doctor knew that I would eventually recover and do kind of work I would be doing before
A.would have been doing
B.would have done
C.had been done
D.had been doing
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