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Verbal Ability Objective Questions { Sentence Correction }

36. One of the most significant phenomenons of our time has been the development of cinema.
D.No correction required
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37. Had you been told me about your problem, I would have helped you.
A.If you would have told
B.Had you have told
C.had you told
D.If you have told
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38. It was until many years later that Gandhi became a rebel against authority.
A.It was not until many years
B.It was till many years
C.It was not many years
D.No correction required
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39. Anand has the guts to rise from the occasion and come out successfully.
A.in rising from
B.to raise with
C.to rise to
D.to rise against
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40. If you are thinking about investigation overseas, isn't it makes sense to find an experience guide?
A.it is not making
B.doesn't it make
C.does it make
D.is it making
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41. This is one of the most important inventions of this century.
A.invention of this century
B.invention of these century
C.invention of centuries
D.No correction required
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42. The orator had been left the auditorium before the audience stood up.
A.had been leaving
B.was left
C.had left
D.would leave
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