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Verbal Ability Objective Questions { Sentence Correction }

8. The police has so far succeeded in recovering only a part of the stolen property.
A.thus far succeeded for recovery
B.so far succeeded in recovery of
C.as for as succeeded in recovery of
D.No correction required
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9. The intruder stood quietly for few moments
A.for few time
B.for the few moments
C.for moments
D.for a few moments
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10. In addition to enhanced their reputations through strategic use of philanthropy, companies are sponsoring social initiatives to open new markets.
A.of enhancing their reputation
B.to having enhance their reputation
C.to enhancing their reputation
D.to have their reputation enhancing
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11. Shapes of gods and goddess are worshipped by people.
C.Clay shapes
D.Clay toys
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12. Why did you not threw the bag away?
A.did you not throw
B.had you not threw
C.did you not thrown
D.you did not thrown
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13.  The performance of our players was rather worst than I had expected.
A.bad as I had expected
B.worse than I had expected
C.worse than expectation
D.worst than was expected
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14. The population of Tokyo is greater than that of any other town in the world.
A.greatest among any other
B.greater than all other
C.greater than those of any other
D.No correction required
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