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Verbal Ability Objective Questions { Sentence Correction }

64. We demonstrated to them how we were prepared the artistic patterns.
A.are prepared
B.have prepared
C.are preparing
D.had prepared
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65.  Because of his mastery in this field, his suggestions are wide accepted.
A.are widely accepted
B.widely acceptance
C.have widely accepted
D.have been wide accepted
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66. They felt humiliated because they realised that they had cheated.
A.have been cheated
B.had been cheated
C.had been cheating
D.were to be cheated
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67. Tax evaders should heavily punished as they do it intentionally.
A.should be heavy fined
B.should have heavily fined
C.shall have heavy fine
D.should be heavily fined
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68. We met him immediately after the session in which he had been given a nice speech.
A.would be giving
B.has been given
C.will have given
D.had given
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69.  For some days the new professor lectured above the heads of his pupils.
A.over the head of
B.over the heads of
C.on the heads of
D.through the heds of
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70. The accused now flatly denies have admitted his guilt in his first statement.
A.having admitted
B.had admitted
C.have been admitting
D.No correction required
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