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Verbal Ability Objective Questions { Idioms and Phrases }

50. The party stalwarts have advised the President to take it lying down for a while.
A.to be cautious
B.to be on the defensive
C.to take rest
D.to show no reaction
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51. The thief took to his heels when he saw a policeman on the beat.
A.had some pain in his heels
B.ran away from the scene
C.confronted the policeman
D.could not decide what to do
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52. He struck several bad patches before he made good.
A.came across bad soil
B.Had a bad time
C.Went through many illness
D.Had many professional difficulties
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53. The accounts of the murder made her flesh creep.
A.Made her sad
B.Surprised her
C.Made her cry bitterly
D.Fill her with horror
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54. How long will the people put up with the increasing economic hardships?
B.take easily
C.remain satisfied with
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55. The teacher warned the student once for all that no mischief shall be tolerated in the class.
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56. I hope it will not put you out If I am late.
A.harm you
B.irritate you
C.please you
D.worry out
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