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Verbal Ability Objective Questions { Idioms and Phrases }

36. The case was held over due to the great opposition to it.
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37. In the organised society of today no individual or nation can plough a lonely furrow.
A.remain unaffected
B.do without the help of others
C.survive in isolation
D.remain non-aligned
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38. It was he who put a spoke in my wheel.
A.tried to cause an accident
B.helped in the execution of the plan
C.thwarted in the execution of the plan
D.destroyed the plan
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39. It is no longer easy to strike gold in Shakespeare's research since much work has already been done on him.
A.Hit a golden spot
B.Come across gold
C.Come across the word "gold"
D.Uncover or find a valuable line of argument or information
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40. Sanjay is very different about passing the Civil Services Examination this year.
A.Dead sure of
B.Very hopeful of
C.Lacking self confidence about
D.Reasonably certain of
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41. Why must you look a gift horse in the mouth ?
A.welcome a gift
B.find fault with a gift
C.be fastidious
D.examine a gift carefully
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42. Dowry is a burning question of the day.
A.a widely debated issue
B.a dying issue
C.a relevant problem
D.an irrelevant issue
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