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Verbal Ability Objective Questions { Idioms and Phrases }

78. The question of abolition of private property is still a moot point.
D.not clear
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79. This regular absenteeism is a bad business since on work is being completed.
A.Bad for business
B.Non-business like
C.An unfortunate event
D.Creating ill-will
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80. When he tells stories about himself, he is inclined to draw the long bow.
B.get emotional
D.get excited
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81. Vikram said that he has got a problem to square up with the manager.
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82. Although both the parents are running the show for the last ten years but their business is now on its last legs.
A.About to fructify
B.About to perish
C.About to produce results
D.About to take off
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83. The time is running out, you must look sharp.
A.be careful
B.make haste
C.be punctual
D.be sensible
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84. He is in the habit of throwing dust in his superiors eyes
A.To put sand into eyes
B.To make blind
C.To deceive
D.To show false things
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