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Verbal Ability Objective Questions { Idioms and Phrases }

71. I am sure they will fight tooth and nail for their rights.
A.with all their might
B.without any other weapon
C.resorting to violence
D.very cowardly
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72. We were in hurry. The road being zigzag we had to cut off a corner to reach in time.
A.To cut a portion of the road
B.To take a short cut
C.To go fast
D.To take an alternative route
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73. Discipline is on the wane in schools and colleges these days.
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74. In spite of the efforts of all peace loving people, world peace is still a far cry.
A.an impracticable idea
B.an abstract idea
C.out of reach
D.a long way off
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75. I felt that it was a tall order to expect Monisha to go home alone at twelve in the night.
B.Too much
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76. I cannot get along with a man who plays fast and loose.
A.behaves in an unreliable and insincere way
B.has a loose tongue
C.lives a life of ease and luxury
D.does not know how to behave himself
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77. There is no love lost between two neighbours.
A.close friendship
B.cool indifference
C.intense dislike
D.a love hate relationship
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