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State Government Exams Objective Questions { Motor Vehicle Inspector Test }

29. Which testing agencies have been authorized to give Type Approval certificate?
A.Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), Delhi, Mathura Road, P.O. CRRI, New Delhi-20
B.Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), P.B. 832, Pune- 411004
C.Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (VRDE), Vahan Nagar, Ahmed Nagar-414006
D.All of the Above
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30. Zebra lines are meant for
A.Stopping vehicle
B.Pedestrians crossing
C.For giving preference to vehicle
D.All of the above
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31. When can an authorised officer seized a vehicle
A.The vehicle is not covered by a valid insurance
B.The vehicle exceeds the speed limit
C.The vehicle is not covered by a valid registration or permit
D.None of the above
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32. The indicators that may be marked for visible outline of the road is called __________
A.Roadway indicator
B.Roadway delineator
C.Roadway line
D.Roadway markings
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33. STOP sign is having __________
A.Octagonal shape
B.Circular shape
C.Triangular shape
D.Any shape
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34. What is the role of State Government, relating to introduction of HSRP?
A.To implement the scheme in accordance with the rules framed by Central Government
B.To select the vendors from among those who have been given Type Approval Certificate by the authorized testing agencies under Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989
C.After selection of vendor, to make sure that proper controls are being exercised at the time of issuance of these plates
D.All of the above
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35. Give way sign is of __________
A.Triangular shape
B.Circular shape
C.Octagonal shape
D.Hexagonal shape
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