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State Government Exams Objective Questions { Motor Vehicle Inspector Test }

8. ___________ refers to the movement of containerized freight through a coordinated transportation system that uses multiple delivery vehicles.
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9. The hand brake is to be used
A.To reduce the speed
B.To apply sudden brake
C.To park a vehicle
D.All of the above
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10. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 minimum ________ experience of driving a light motor vehicle is required before a person can be granted a license for transport vehicle.
A.6 months
B.One Month
C.Two Months
D.Three Months
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11. Extent of effectiveness of learner licenses, to drive motor vehicles-
A.Be effective throughout India
B.Be effective vide the district issued license
C.Be Be effective only to drive in local
D.None of the above
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12. One time tax for a new car is for
A.Till the registration of the vehicle is cancelled
B.15 years
C.5 years
D.20 years
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13. Drunken driving
A.Allowed in private vehicles
B.Allowed during night time
C.Prohibited in all vehicles
D.All of the above
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14. What need to be checked before starting the engine of a vehicle?
A.Head light
C.Radiator water level and engine oil level
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