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Quantitative Aptitude Objective Questions { Simplification }

43. A class starts at 10 a.m. and lasts till 1.27 pm. .Four periods are held during this interval. After every period, 5 minutes are given free to the students. The exact duration of each period is :
A.42 minutes
B.48 minutes
C.51 minutes
D.53 minutes

44. A light was seen at intervals of 13 seconds. It was seen for the first time at l hr. 54 min 50 secs. a.m. and the last time at 3 hrs. 17min. 49 secs. am. How many times was the light seen?

45. A man earns Rs. 20 on the first day and spends Rs. 15 on the next day. He again earns Rs. 20 on the third day and spends Rs. 15 on the fourth day. If he continues to save like this, how soon will he have Rs. 60 in hand ?
A.On 17th day
B.On 27th day
C.On 30th day
D.On 40th day

46. It cost of Rs. x each to make the first thousand copies of a compact disc and Rs. y to make each subsequent copy. If z is greater than 1000, how much will it cost to make z copies of the compact disc ?
A.zx - zy
B.1000x + yz
C.1000 (x - y) + yz
D.1000 (z - y) + xz

47. Along a yard 225 meters long, 26 trees are planted at equal distance, one tree being at each end of the yard. What is the distance between two consecutive trees ?
A.8 metres
B.9 metres
C.10 metres
D.15 metres

48. A boy was asked to multiply a number by 25. He instead multiplied the number by 52 and got the answer 324 more than the correct answer. The number to be multiplied was :

49. A boy multiply 423 by a number and obtained 65589 as his answer. If both the fives in the answer are wrong and all other figures are correct, the correct answer is :

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