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Quantitative Aptitude Objective Questions { Simplication }

85.  A certain number of tennis balls were purchased for Rs. 450. Five more balls could have been purchased in the same amount if each ball was chaper by Rs. 15. The number of balls purchased was :
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86. A piece of cloth costs Rs. 35. If the length of the piece would have been 4 m longer and each metre costs. Re. 1 less, the cost would have remained unchanged. How long is the piece ?
A.9 m
B.10 m
C.12 m
D.14 m
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87. The price of 10 chairs is equal to that of 4 tables. The price of 15 chairs and 2 table together is Rs. 4000. The total price of 12 chairs and 3 tables is :
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88. In a certain shop, 9 oranges cost as much as 5 apples, 5 apples cost as much as 3 mangoes and 4 mangoes cost as much as 9 lemons. If 3 lemons cost Rs. 4.80, the price of an orange is :
A.Rs. 1.20
B.Rs. 1.30
C.Rs. 1.40
D.Rs. 1.50
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89. The price of 2 sarees and 4 shirts is Rs. 1600. With the same money one can buy 1 saree and 6 shirts. If one wants to buy 12 shirts, how much shall he have to pay ?
A.Rs. 1200
B.Rs. 2400
C.Rs. 4800
D.Cannot be determined
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90.  If 2 tables and 3 chairs cost Rs.3500 and 3 tables and 2 chair cost Rs. 4000, then how much does a table cost ?
A.Rs. 500
B.Rs. 750
C.Rs. 1000
D.Rs. 1500
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91. The taxi charges in a city comprise of a fixed charge, together with the charge of the distance covered. For a journey of 16 km, the charges paid are Rs. 156 and for a journey of 24 km, the charges paid are Rs. 204. What will a person have to pay for travelling a distance of 30 km ?
A.Rs. 236
B.Rs. 240
C.Rs. 248
D.Rs. 252
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