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Quantitative Aptitude Objective Questions { Average }

64. The average age of a husband and his wife was 23 years at the time of their marriage. After five years they have a one-year old child. The average age of the family now is:
A.19 years
B.23 years
C.28.5 years
D.29.3 years
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65. Three years ago, the average age of A and B was 18 years. With O joining them, the average age becomes 22 years. How old is C now ?
A.24 years
B.27 years
C.28 years
D.30 years
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66. The average age of husband, wife and their child 3 years ago was 27 years and that of wife and the child 5 years ago was 20 years. The present age of the husband is :
A.35 years
B.40 years
C.50 years
D.None of these
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67. 10 years ago, the average age of a family of 4 members was 24 years. Two children having been born (with age difference of 2 years), the present average age of the family is the same. The present age of the youngest child is :
A.1 year
B.2 years
C.3 years
D.5 years
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68. After replacing an old member by a new member, it was found that the average age of five members of a club is the same as it was 3 yeqrs ago. What is the difference between the ages of the replaced and the new member ?
A.2 years
B.4 years
C.8 years
D.15 years
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69. The average age of 3 children in a family is 20% of the average age of the father and the eldest child. The total age of the mother and the youngest child is 39 years. If the father?s age is 26 years, what is the age of second child ?
A.15 years
B.18 years
C.20 years
D.Cannot be determined
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70. The average age of a group of persons going for picnic is 16 years. Twenty new persons with an average age of 15 years join the group on th spot due to which their average age becomes 15.5 years. The number of persons initially going for picnic is :
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