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Microbiology Objective Questions { Viruses in Eukaryotes }

8. Which of the following has been linked to Kaposi's sarcoma?
A.Epstein-Barr virus
B.Human T-cell lymphotropic virus
C.Human papilloma virus
D.Human herpes virus 8
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9. Virulent and nonvirulent viruses may not
A.inhibit host cell DNA synthesis
B.inhibit host cell RNA synthesis
C.stimulate host cell macromolecule synthesis
D.degrade host cell DNA
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10. The hepadnaviruses such as hepatitis B virus are quite different from other DNA viruses with respect to genome replication. These replicate their DNA using
A.DNA-dependent DNA polymerase
B.reverse transcriptase
C.Rnase H
D.DNA ligase
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11. Which of the following virus is always detectable after infections?
A.Hepatitis B virus
B.Herpes simplex virus
C.Varicella-zoster virus
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12. Viroids are composed of
A.single-stranded DNA
B.double-stranded DNA
C.single-stranded RNA
D.double-stranded RNA
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