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Microbiology Objective Questions { Viruses From Animal and Plants }

1. Animal viruses with capsids displaying helical symmetry include
A.measles and mumps
D.all of these
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2. Icosahedral viruses are generally
A.polio viruses
B.adeno viruses
C.both (a) and (b)
D.none of these
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3. Negative strand ssRNA viruses need to have a preformed replicase when they invade a mammalian cell because they
A.use it to terminate transcripts when they copy host cell mRNA
B.have to make a positive strand copy that can be translated
C.use it to modify host enzymes that are recruited for viral replication
D.none of the above
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4. Which of the following reflects the correct order of events that take place during the multiplication of a virus?
A.Attachment, penetration, maturation, biosynthesis, release
B.Penetration, attachment, biosynthesis, maturation, release
C.Attachment, penetration, biosynthesis, maturation, release
D.Attachment, release, biosynthesis, maturation, penetration
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5. What can be coated to the plastic dish if an ELISA is performed to directly detect polio virus?
A.Patient serum
B.Anti-polio antibody
C.Polio capsid protein
D.Colored substrate
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6. Influenza virus undergoes antigenic shift resulting in major antigenic changes by which of the following mechanisms?
A.Somatic recombination of heavy and light chains
B.Expression of several different capsule types
C.Changing the receptor binding canyon that docks with the host receptor
D.Reassortment of RNA segments from different influenza viruses
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7. The nucleocapsid is covered by an outer membrane like structure called
D.all of these
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