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Microbiology Objective Questions { Transcription }

1. Which of the following enzyme is used for synthesis of RNA under the direction of DNA?
A.RNA polymerase
B.DNA ligase
C.DNA polymerase
D.RNA ligase
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2. What is the usual sequence of a Pribnow box?
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3. Which of the following component of RNA polymerase facilitates the recognition of promoter sequences?
A.a subunit
B.b subunit
C.s subunit
D.c subunit
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4. Which of the following statement defines a replicon?
A.A DNA molecule that encodes pili for conjugation
B.A DNA molecule that is able to replicate and be maintained
C.A DNA template which is used in transcription
D.The enzyme responsible for transposition
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5. Which eukaryotic RNA polymerase makes tRNA's?
A.RNA polymerase 1
B.RNA polymerase 2
C.RNA polymerase 3
D.Any of these
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6. The location of first hexameric sequence typically found in pro-karyotic promoters is
A.at the transcription start site
B.approximately 35 bases upstream of the transcription start site
C.approximately 10 bases upstream of the transcription start site
D.approximately 25 bases upstream of the transcription start site
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7. Which of the following is a product of transcription?
D.all of these
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