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Microbiology Objective Questions { Spirochetes and Enterobacteriaceae }

36. Which of the following species/subspecies of Klebsiella produce indole?
A.K pneumoniae subspecies rhinoscleromatis
B.K pneumoniae subspecies aerogenes
C.K pneumoniae subspecies pneumoniae
D.K oxytoca
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37. Primarily human pathogenic bacteria is/are ,
A.Salmonella typhi
B.S paratyphi A
C.S paratyphi B
D.all of these
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38. The bacteria which produce(s) β-galactosidase is/are
D.all of these
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39. Which of the following property(ies), shown by the organisms belong(s) to the family Enterobacteriaceae?
A.They are catalase-positive
B.They are oxidase-negative
C.They ferment glucose
D.All of these
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40. In Widal test, the significant titre for O agglutinins is generally
A. 1:50 or more
B.1:100 or more
C.1:150 or more
D.1:2.00 or more
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41. Selective media for the isolation of Shigella is
A.Hektoen enteric agar
B.Salmonella-Shigella agar
C.Xylose lysine deoxycholate agar
D.All of these
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42. The technique(s), used for the assay of heat-labile enterotoxin produced by Escherichia coli, is/are
A.Steroid production in Yl mouse adrenal cell culture
B.Morphological changes in Chinese hamster ovary
C.Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
D.All of these
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