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Microbiology Objective Questions { Physical and Chemical Agents }

29.  Which of the following is bactericidal?
A.Membrane filtration
B.Ionizing radiation
D.Deep freezing
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30. Which of the following process can be efficiently carried out by incineration?
A.Sterilization of scalpel blades and needles
B.Sterilization of all glass syringes
C.Sterilization of points of forceps
D.Destruction of contaminated materials
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31. The organisms retained in the fluids filtered by Seitz filter is
D.None of thes
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32. Which of the following material is sterilized by heating at 160°C in a hot air oven for one hour?
A.Swab sticks
B.All-glass syringes
C.Oils and jellies
D.All of these
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33. For sterilization of which material gamma rays can be used?
B.Plastic syringes
D.None of these
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34. Which of the following is sterilized with the help of glutaraldehyde?
A.A. Thermometers
D.All of these
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35. The time in minutes at a specific temperature needed to kill a population of cells is the
A.decimal reduction time
B.thermal death point
C.thermal death temperature
D.F value
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