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Microbiology Objective Questions { Physical and Chemical Agents }

1. Which of the following articles can be sterilized in an autoclave?
B.Culture media
C.Dressing material
D.All of these
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2. Which of the following disinfectants act by disrupting microbial membranes?
A.Cationic detergents
C.Heavy metals
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3. Which of the following is best to sterilize heat labile solutions?
A.Dry heat
C.Membrane filtration
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4. The time required to kill 90% of the microorganisms in a sample at a specific temperature is the
A.decimal reduction time
B.thermal death point
C.F value
D.D value
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5. Which of the following is best used for long term storage of microbial samples when carried out properly?
A.Storage in a freezer at -10°C
B.Storage in a freezer at ultra low temperatures (-70°C)
C.Storage in a refrigerator on an agar slant
D.Storage on a petri plate at room temperature
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6. Which of the following is not a disinfectant containing a heavy metal?
A.Silver nitrate
C.Copper sulfate
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7. Which is the most important surface active disinfectants?
A.Amphoteric compounds
B.Cationic compounds
C.Non-ionic compounds
D.Anionic compounds
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