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Microbiology Objective Questions { Microorganisms and Disease }

1. Which of the following characteristic of the Rotavirus was important for the construction of the Rotashield vaccine?
A.The possession of a segmented RNA genome
B.A limited number of capsule types
C.The ability of monkey Rotavirus strains to cause serious illness (diarrhea) in human beings
D.The ability of the Rotavirus to be transmitted faster
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2. Plastic implants can pose a serious nosocomial infection problem because
A.phagocytes have trouble moving on the plastic surface
B.phagocytes have trouble engulfing bacteria embedded in a biofilm
C.infected implants usually have to be surgically removed
D.all of the above
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3. A major difference between EHEC and EPEC is
A.EHEC secretes a Shiga-like toxin and EPEC does not
B.EHEC possesses a type III secretion system and EPEC does not
C.EPEC rearranges host cell actin and EHEC does not
D.EPEC passes through the placenta to infect the fetus and EHEC does not
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4. The nature of the poliovirus gives for oral vaccination (satin vaccine) as part of the eradication programme is
A.heat killed virus
B.live attenuated strains of all three immunological types
C.small dosage of wild-type live viruses
D.formalin-inactivated viruses
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5. Which of the following is true regarding anthrax?
A.Anthrax is caused by a virus
B.Anthrax is highly contagious
C.Inhalation anthrax and cutaneous anthrax are caused by separate strains of Bacillus anthracis
D.Inhalation Anthrax requires infection with a large number of spores
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6. The toxins produced by bacteria
A.kill viruses
B.encourage bacterial reproduction
C.interfere with physiological processes in the body
D.all of the above
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7. Pseudomembraneous colitis is
A.precipitated by the use of certain antibiotics
B.caused by a gram-positive bacterium
C.caused by a spore-forming bacterium
D.all of the above
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