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Microbiology Objective Questions { Microbiology of Soils }

36. Degree of compost maturity can be assesed by
A.infrared technique
B.germination test
C.both (a) and (b)
D.none of the above
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37.  The energy value of biogas is typically
A.400-700 BTU/ft3
B.1,000 BTU/ft3
C.1500 BTU/ft3
D.more than 5000 BTU/ft3
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38. The microbial ecosystem of soil includes
A.biotic components of soil
B.abiotic components of soil
C.biotic and abiotic components of soil
D.none of the above
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39. Denitrification is carried out
A.usually by facultative anaerobes
B.predominantly by Pseudomonas spp
C.predominantly by Bacillus spp
D.all of the above
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40. Which of the following soil microorganism is involved in the reduction of sulfates to H2S?
A.Thiobacillus thiooxidans
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41. The diagnostic enzyme for nitrogen-fixing organisms is
B.nitrate reductase
C.nitrate oxidase
D.none of these
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42.  Which of the following fungi on infecting crop roots can improve their uptake of phosphorus and other nutrients?
A.Saccharomyces cerevisiae
B.VA Mycorrhiza
C.Candida torulopsis
D.Aspergillus niger
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