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Microbiology Objective Questions { Microbiology of Soils }

8. Bacteria, as a group, are responsible for
A.nitrogen oxidation
B.sulfur oxidation
C.nitrogen fixation
D.all of these
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9. The phenomenon of commensalism refers to a relationship between organisms in which
A.one species of a pair benefits
B.both the species of a pair benefit
C.one species of a pair is more benefited
D.none of the above
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10. The population of algae in soil is __________ that of either bacteria or fungi.
A.generally smaller than
B.generally greater than
C.equal to
D.none of these
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11. The transformation of nitrates to gaseous nitrogen is accomplished by microorganisms in a series of biochemical reactions. The process is known as
C.nitrogen fixation
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12. Nitrogen fixation refers to the direct conversion of atmospheric nitrogen gas into
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13. The diagnostic enzyme for denitrification is
A.nitrate reductase
B.nitrate oxidase
C.nitro oxidoreductase
D.none of these
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14. A heterocyst is
A.a type of spore
B.a terminally differentiated cell that fixes nitrogen
C.the progenitor of cyanobacterial vegetative cells
D.a cell that carries out oxygenic photosynthesis
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