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Microbiology Objective Questions { Microbial Recombination and Gene Transfer }

22. Which of the following plamids do not possess information for self transfer to another cell?
A.Cryptic plasmids
B.Conjugative plasmids
C.Non-conjugative plasmids
D.None of these
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23. The term used for acquisition of naked DNA from its environment and its incorporation in their genome by a bacterium is
B.lysogenic conversion
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24.  What is term used for a bacterial cell that is able to take up naked DNA?
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25.  Penicillin resistance in staphylococci is acquired due to
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26. The plasmid which makes the host more pathogenic is
A.F factors
B.Metabolic plasmid
C.Virulence plasmid
D.None of these
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27. The expression of gene X (which has promoter Px) is to be monitored. A gene fusion construction for carrying this work will
A.have Px but not the rest of the X coding region
B.have the promoter of lacZ or some other reporter gene
C.allow to monitor the expression of all genes with a promoter similar in sequence to Px
D.give the same information as from a microarray
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28. The transducing particles carry only specific portions of the bacterial genome in which of the following transduction?
A.Specialized transduction
B.General transduction
C.Abortive transduction
D.None of these
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