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Microbiology Objective Questions { Microbial Recombination and Gene Transfer }

1. The plasmid-mediated properties is/are
A.fermentation of lactose
B.production of enterotoxin
C.resistance to antibiotics
D.all of these
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2. In the extracellular medium, DNA-degrading enzymes would likely be to prevent transfer of DNA by
A.conjugal transfer by a self-transmissible plasmid
B.generalized phage transduction
C.natural transformation
D.none of the above
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3.  What is the term used for a segment of DNA with one or more genes in the centre and the two ends carrying inverted repeat sequences of nucleotides?
C.Insertion sequence
D.None of these
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4. The plasmids can be eliminated from a cell by the process known as
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5. Recombination of virus genomes occurs
A.by transduction
B.by transription
C.simultaneous infection of a host cell by two viruses with homologous chromosomes
D.by transformation
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6. The type of recombination that commonly occurs between a pair of homologous DNA sequences is,
A.mutagenic recombination
B.site-specific recombination
C.replicative recombination
D.general recombination
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7. Which of the following statement describes plasmids?
A.Another name for a protoplast
B.A complex membrane structure that covers the chromosome of bacteria
C.Small, circular DNA molecules that can exist independently of chromosomes commonly found in bacteria
D.None of the above
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