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Microbiology Objective Questions { Microbial Metabolism }

22. When acetate is the sole source of carbon for some microorganisms, the cycle which is used, is called
A.pentose phosphate pathway
B.glycolyic pathway
C.glyoxylate pathway
D.oxaloacetate pathway
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23. Hexose monophosphate pathway is also known as
A.phosphogluconate pathway
B.oxaloacetate pathway
C.malate pathway
D.fumerate pathway
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24. If radioactive bicarbonate was supplied to bacterial cells, which were actively synthesizing fatty acids, it is expected to find the bulk of the radioactivity in
A.cellular bicarbonate
B.the fatty acids
C.the cytoplasmic membrane
D.nucleic acids
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25. Standard free energy change (ΔG) can be expressed as
A.ΔG° = -RTlnkeq
B.ΔG° = RTlnkeq
C.ΔG° = R/Tlnkeq
D.ΔG° = -RT/lnkeq
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26. The glyoxylate cycle is used by some microorganisms when___________ is the sole carbon source.
C.carbon dioxide
D.all of these
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27. Incorporation of atmospheric N2to NH4+ occurs via the process of
A.assimilatory nitrate reduction
D.nitrogen fixation
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28. The role of bacteriophyll in an oxygenic photosynthesis is to
A.reduce ferridoxin directly
B.reduce NADP directly
C.use light energy to energize an electron
D.transfer electrons to an intermediate in the sulfide oxidation pathway
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