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Microbiology Objective Questions { Microbial Metabolism }

15.  If ΔG of a chemical reaction is positive in value and keq is less than 1 then the chemical reaction will
A.proceed in reverse direction
B.proceeed in forward direction
C.not take place in any of the direction
D.none of these
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16. The reaction, where small precursor molecules are assembled into larger organic molecules is referred as
D.any of these
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17. Which of the following nucleoside diphosphates is used most often in carbohydrate anabolism?
A.Uridine diphosphate
B.Adenosine diphosphate
C.Guanine diphosphate
D.Thymine diphosphate
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18. DAHP synthetase catalyzes the condensation of
B.phosphoenol pyruvate
C.both (a) and (b)
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19. Phosphate is considered to restrict the induction of
A.primary metabolites
B.secondary metabolites
C.both (a) and (b)
D.none of these
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20. Free energy change (ΔG) of a reaction is referred as the amount of energy
A.liberated during reaction
B.taken up during reaction
C.liberated or taken up during reaction
D.none of these
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21. Which of the following does not produce oxygen as a product of photosynthesis?
A.Oak trees
B.Purple sulfur bacteria
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