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Microbiology Objective Questions { Industrially Useful Microbial Processes }

8. The 95% ethanol is equivalent to
A.190 proof
B.110 proof
C.170 proof
D.120 proof
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9. Which species from the followings is resistant to methyl tryptophan?
A.Candida utilis
B.E. coli
C. subtilis
D.Hansenula anomala
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10. Which of the following substance is employed to neutralize the lactic acid as it is produced (because lactic acid bacteria do not tolerate high concentrations of acid?
B.(NH4)2 HPO4
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11. Alcohol production from starch and raw sugar utilizes selected strains of
A.Saccharomyces cerevisiae
B.Candida pseudotropicalis
C.Candida utilis
D.none of these
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12. Uungal amylases using stationary culture with wheat bran utilizes
A.A. oryzae
B.A. niger
C.A. flavus
D.S. cerevisiae
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13. Why high concentration of sugars are not employed in the fermentation medium?
A.Calcium lactate is not produced
B.Calcium lactate crystallizes from the medium and slows down the process of fermentation
C.High sugar concentration itself crystallizes
D.None of the above
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14. Which of the following organism produces enzyme taka diastase?
A.A. oryzae
B.B. subtilis
C.A. niger
D.S. cerevisiae
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