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Microbiology Objective Questions { Growth and Nutrition of Bacteria }

36. Which of the following is the suitable temperature range for mesophiles?
D.None of these
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37. Exponential phase of growth curve of bacteria is of limited duration because of
A.rise in cell density
B.accumulation of toxic metabolites
C.exhaustion of nutrients
D.all of these
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38. A culture broth tube was very turbid at the bottom of the tube but clear at the top of the tube indicating that the
A.broth is sterile
B.organism can tolerate oxygen
C.organism cannot produce superoxide dismutase and/or catalase
D.organism should be grown in an anaerobic chamber
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39. In the exponential phase, the cells and cell mass
A.first increases then decreases
C.are constant
D.double at a constant rate
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40. What is the primary source of food for marine life?
C.Sea weed
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41. Postgates assay technique is useful in determining if a cell is viable even though it is
A.incapable of cell division
B.too small to see
C.an obligate aerobe
D.a thermophile
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42. What are the extrinsic factors for the microbial growth?
B.storage temperature
C.composition of gas phase
D.all of these
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