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Microbiology Objective Questions { Growth and Nutrition of Bacteria }

8. Which of the following is used to grow bacterial cultures continuously?
B.Coulter Counter
D.Petroff-Hausser chamber
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9. A microbe, which grows at temperatures above 95° C is most likely to be
A.an archaean
B.a fungus
C.a protozoan
D.none of these
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10. Some organisms can use reduced inorganic compounds as electron donors and are termed as
A. lithotrophs
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11. The total biomass of an organism will be determined by the nutrient present in the lowest concentration relative to the organism's requirements is a statement of
A.Liebig's law of the minimum
B.Shelford's law of tolerance
C.quorum sensing
D.Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty
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12. The growth is normally expressed as __________ in turbidimetric measurement
A.cells per ml
C.optical density
D.mg N2 /ml
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13. Which of the following organisms typically get their carbon for biosynthesis from carbon dioxide?
A.Glucose-fermenting bacteria (fermentation)
B.Anaerobic, glucose-respiring bacteria (anaerobic respiration)
C.Aerobic, glucose-respiring bacteria (aerobic respiration)
D.Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (chemolithotrophic bacteria)
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14. An organism that expends energy to grow in a habitat with a low water activity in order to maintain internal solute concentrations to retain water is
C.aerotolerant anaerobe
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