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Microbiology Objective Questions { Food Illness }

8. Salmonellois is caused by the
A.enterotoxin of Salmonella spp
B.endotoxin of Salmonella spp
C.neurotoxin of Salmonella spp
D.exoenterotoxin of Salmonella spp
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9. Group I C. botulinum strains generally includes in
A.all types of strains (proteolytic)A, B and F
B.all types of strains (non-proteolytic) E and F
C.all types of strains (proteolytic)C, D and F
D.none of the above
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10.  The application of Gamma rays destroys botulism toxin. The dose of gamma rays required for this purpose is
A.73 Gy
B.73 Rad
C.7.3 Mrad
D.173 Rad
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11. Arrange the potencies of toxin in descending order of the following canned foods
A.peas>string beans>spinach> corn
B.corn> string bean>peas>spinach
C.corn> spinach> peas>string beans
D.corn> peas>string beans>spinach
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12. The milk streptococci produce acetoin that gets spontaneously oxidized yielding a flavorings agent (responsible for aroma of butter) that is
B.acetyl coA
C.butyric acid
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13. The botulism intoxication occurs due to
A.an enterotoxin
D.all of these
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14. The Bacillus cereus causes gasteroenteritis by the production of an exoenterotoxin which is released in food as a result of
A.cell growth
B.cell autolysis
C.cell permeation
D.cell damage
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