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Microbiology Objective Questions { Enzyme Reaction }

15. Anthranilate synthase, the first enzyme of tryptophan biosynthesis after the branch point shows feedback inhibition and repression due to
B.D-L-tryptophan hydantoin
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16. A substrate binds to its enzyme at a location called the __________ site.
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17.  Hydrogen and oxygen release enormous amounts of energy when they react. Yet, hydrogen and oxygen can be mixed together in a balloon and nothing will happen. Why?
A.Competitive inhibitors are blocking the reaction from occurring in the active site
B.There must be contaminating elements in the balloon that prohibit the reaction from occurring
C.The energy of activation to form the transition-state complex is too high to allow the reaction to occur without assistance
D.all of the above
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18. Adenosine triphosphate is a type of
A.fatty acid
B.amino acid
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19.  An enzyme that is always produced, regardless of the presence of substrates or the end products, is called
A.a constitutive enzyme
B.an isoenzyme
C.a repressible enzyme
D.an allosteric enzyme
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20. About 7.3 kcal/mole are released when
A.glucose is converted to CO2 and H2O
B.NAD+ is reduced to NADH
C.ATP hydrolysis is coupled to sucrose synthesis
D.the terminal phosphate bond of ATP is broken by hydrolysis
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21. The ability of CTP to bind to aspartate carbamoyltransferase and shut down the synthesis of more CTP is an example of
A.enzyme induction
B.enzyme repression
C.feedback inhibition of enzyme activity
D.none of these
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