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Microbiology Objective Questions { DNA Sequencing, Mutation and Repair }

15. A nonsense mutation introduced into the DNA sequence of a gene may
A.cause premature termination of the mRNA
B.shorten the length of the protein encoded by the gene
C.have no effect on the transcript or protein made
D.cause a shift in reading frame
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16. Which of these mechanisms for thymine dimers repair lead to mutations?
A.Excision repair
C.SOS repair
D.Never leads to mutation
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17. Frame shift mutation may occur as a result of
A.formation of a thymine-dimer
B.deamination of cytosine to uracil
C.conversion of guanine to xanthine
D.none of the above
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18. Thymine dimers are directly repaired with the help of visible light by process known as
B.excision repair
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19. The promoter on an expression vector used to overproduce proteins in bacteria is
A.a bacterial promoter
B.expressed both in bacteria and mammalian cells
C.not a regulated promoter
D.the natural promoter of the gene being cloned
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20. Differentiation of four different bases in automated sequencing systems is that each base has
A.different radioactive tag
B.cytosine at start
C.unique antibody bound to it
D.distinctive fluorescent tag
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