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Microbiology Objective Questions { Cell Cultures and Characteristics }

29. Treponema species from human oral cavity can be selected by using
A.pH of the medium
B.incubation temperature
C.cell size and motility
D.all of these
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30. When a substance is added to a solid medium which inhibits the growth of unwanted bacteria but permits the growth of wanted bacteria, it is known as
A.differential medium
B.enriched medium
C.enrichment medium
D.selective medium
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31. Peptone water and nutrient broth are
A.selective media
B.enriched media
C.basal media
D.none of these
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32. Stuart's transport medium is used for transport of specimen containing
A.Neisseria gonorrhoeae
C.Vibrio cholerae
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33. Plate counts are often reported as
C.Both (a) and (b)
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34. The medium which allows the growth of more than one microorganisms of interest but with morphologically distinguishable colonies is known as
A.selective medium
B.enrichment medium
C.differential medium
D.none of these
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35. Selective media facilitate growth of only one kind of organism. Saboraud medium is used to selectively isolate
A.coliform bacteria
B.gram positive bacteria
D.acid fast organisms
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