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Microbiology Objective Questions { Antigen Antibody Reaction }

1. VDRL test is an example of
A.Tube test
B.Ring test
C.Slide test
D.none of these
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2. Weil-Felix reaction is based on sharing of antigens between
A.sheep RBCs and EB virus
B.mycoplasma and human O group RBCs
C.rickettsial antigens and antigens of certain strains of Proteus
D.none of these
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3. Agglutination reaction is more sensitive than precipitation for the detection of
D.antigen-antibody complexes
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4. Precipitation reaction is relatively less sensitive for the detection of
B.antigen-antibody complexes
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5. In which of the following case a large lattice is formed?
A.Antibody is in excess
B.Antigens and antibodies are in optimal proportion
C.Antigen is in excess
D.None of these
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6. Ring test is used for
A.C-reactive protein test
B.Ascoli's thermoprecipitation test
C.typing of streptococci and pneumococci
D.all of the above
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7. Precipitation reaction can be converted into agglutination reaction by coating soluble antigen onto
A.bentonite particles
C.latex particles
D.all of these
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