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Microbiology Objective Questions { Actinomycetes and Non Sporing Anaerobes }

8. Lactobacilli constitute the normal flora of
A.prepubertal vagina
B.adult vagina
C.post-menopausal vagina
D.none of these
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9. Which of the following bacteria is gram-negative cocci?
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10. The commonest species of Bacteroides in fragilis group, which causes human infection, is
A.B vulgatus
B.B fragilis
C.B ovatus
D.B merdae
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11. The commonest bacterial cause of cervicofacial actinomycosis is
A.A. naeslundii
B.A. viscosus
C.A. israelii
D.A. meyeri
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12. Which of the following bacteria is moderately saccharolytic?
A.Bacteriodes fragilis
B.B gingivalis
C.B melaninogenicus
D.B levii
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