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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

57. Solids and liquids have
A.One value of specific heat
B.Two values of specific heat
C.Three values of specific heat
D.One value under some conditions and two values under other conditions.

58. If value of n is infinitely large in a polytropic process pV^n = C, then the process is known as constant

59. The index of compression n tends to reach ratio of specific heats y when
A.Flow is uniform and steady
B.Process is isentropic
C.Process is isothermal
D.Process is isentropic and specific heat does not change with temperature

60. The term N.T.P. stands for
A.Nominal temperature and pressure
B.Natural temperature and pressure
C.Normal temperature and pressure
D.Normal thermodynamic practice

61. A heat exchange process in which the product of pressure and volume remains constant is known as
A.Heat exchange process
B.Throttling process
C.Hyperbolic process.
D.Adiabatic process

62. Change in enthalpy of a system is the heat supplied at
A.Constant pressure
B.Constant temperature
C.Constant volume
D.Constant entropy

63. Zeroth law of thermodynamics
A.Deals with conversion of mass and energy
B.Deals with reversibility and irreversibility of process
C.States that if two systems are both in equilibrium with a third system, they are in thermal equilibrium with each other
D.Deals with heat engines

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