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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

484. 1 kg of carbon would produce following percentage of CO2 in flue gases
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485. 1 kg of carbon produces following quantity of CO2
A.1 kg
B.4/3 kg
C.8/3 kg
D.3/11 kg
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486. Sometimes ice is white in colour. It is due to
A.Cooling rapidly
C.Blowing air during freezing process
D.Presence of dissolved air/gases and impurities
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487. The ratio of air required for complete combustion of carbon to corbon-dioxide as compared to that required for combustion to carbon-monoxide is
A.1.5 : 1
B.2 : 1
C.2.3 : 1
D.3.0 : 1
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488. Bomb calorimeter is used to measure the calorific value of
A.Solid fuels
B.Liquid fuels
C.Gaseous fuels
D.Solid or liquid feul
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489. Which of the following gases possesses maximum heat content at 100°C
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490. The following is concerned with the combustion of gaseous fuels
A.Avogadro's hypothesis
B.Kirchhoff's law
C.Dalton's law
D.Mandeleef's periodic tables
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