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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

477. In a cyclic process, the net heat supplied is 70 kJ/sec. The work obtained from the cycle is equal to
A.Less than 70 kJ/sec
B.More than 70 kJ/sec
C.70 kJ/sec
D.Would depend on change in internal energy
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478. 1 m^3 of methane combined with 2 m^3 of oxygen would produce CO2 and H2O in following quantities
A.1 m^3, 1m^3
B.2 m^2, 2 m^3
C.1 m^3, 2 m^3
D.2m^3, 1m^3
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479. Which of the following is a compound
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480. When a vapour condenses into a liquid
A.Its temperature rises
B.Its temperature falls
C.It evolves heat
D.It absorbs heat
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481. A closed system receives 50 kJ heat but the internal energy of the system decreases by 25 U. The work done by the system would be
A.75 kJ
B.-75 kJ
C.25 kJ
D.-25 kJ
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482. A constant volume closed system is found to undergo change in its internal energy by 50 kJ whereas it received only 25 kJ of heat. Such a situation is
C.Possible, if temperature of system decreases
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483. A revesible engine working between the temperature limits of 600°K and 1200°K receives 50 kJ of heat. The work done by the engine will be
A.50 kJ
B.100 kJ
C.25 kJ
D.-25 kJ
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