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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

456. The area under curve on T-S diagram represents the
A.Heat transfer for all processes
B.Heat transfer for adiabatic processes
C.Heat transfer for reversible processes
D.Heat transfer for irreversible processes
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457. Following relationship defines the Gibb's free energy G
A.G= H + TS
B.G= H - TS
C.G= U +TS
D.F=U - TS
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458. Work is considered to be a superior form of energy as compared to heat energy because
A.Work is direct energy
B.Work is useful form of energy
C.While work can be fully converted into heat, heat can't be fully converted into work
D.It is often required to convert heat into work and not vice versa
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459. Triple point of a pure substance is a point at which
A.Liquid and vapour exist together
B.Solid and liquid exist together
C.Solid and vapor exist together
D.Solid, liquid and vapour phases exist together
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460. A substance above critical temperature exists as
B.Supersaturated fluid
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461. Triple point of a pure substance on p-V diagram is represented by a
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462. One kilowatt-hour of energy is equal to
A.1 kJ
B.100 kJ
D.3600 kJ
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