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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

386. One barometric pressure or 1 atmospheric pressure is equal to
A.1 kgf/cm
B.1.033 kgf/cm2
C.0 kgf/cm2
D.1.0197 kgf/cm2
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387. The value of 1 bar in S.I. units is equal to
A.1 N/m2
B.1 N.m2
C.1 X 10^4 N/m2
D. 1 x 10^5 N/m2
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388. A perfect gas at 27°C was heated until its volume was doubled. The temperature of the gas will now be
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389. Change in the internal energy of small temperature change ΔT for ideal gas is expressed by the relation
A.ΔU = Cv x ΔT
B.ΔU = Cp x ΔT
C.ΔU = (Cp + Cv) ΔT
D.ΔU = (Cp - Cv) ΔT
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390. Change in enthalpy for small temperature change T for ideal gas is expressed by the relation
A.ΔH = Cv x ΔT
B.AH = Cp x ΔT
C.All = Cp/Cv x ΔT
D.ΔN = (Cp - Cv) ΔT
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391. The ratio of actual cycle efficiency to that of the ideal cycle efficiency is called
B.Work ratio
C.Efficiency ratio
D.Isentropic efficiency
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392. The constant volume cycle is also called
A.Carnot cycle
B.Joule cycle
C.Diesel cycle
D.Otto cycle
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