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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

351. An engine operates between temperatures of 900°K and T2 and another engine between T2 and 400°K For-both to do equal work, value of T2 will be
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352. If a heat engine attains 100% thermal efficiency, it violates
A.Zeroth law of thermodynamics
B.First law of thermodynamics
C.Second law of thermodynamics
D.Law of conservation of energy
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353. According to James Joule
A.J = Q/W
B.W = Q/J
C.Q = W/ J
D.W = J/ Q
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354. If heat be exchanged in a reversible manner, which of the following property of the working substance will change accordingly
C.Internal energy
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355. If a system after undergoing a series of processes, returns to the initial state then
A.Process is thermodynamically in equilibrium
B.Process is executed in closed system cycle
C.Its entropy will change due to irreversibility sum of heat and work transfer will be
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356. Which of the following represents the perpetual motion of the first kind
A.Engine with 100% thermal efficiency
B.A fully reversible engine
C.Transfer of heat energy from low temperature source to high temperature source
D.A machine that continuously creates its own energy
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357. An actual engine is to be designed having same efficiency as the Carnot cycle. Such a proposition is
D.Possible, but with lot of sophistication's
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