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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

29. Boyle's law i.e. pV = constant is applicable to gases under
A.All ranges of pressures
B.Only small range of pressures
C.High range of pressures
D.Steady change of pressures

30. The ratio of two specific heats of air is equal to

31. Which law states that the internal energy of a gas is a function of temperature
A.Charles law
B.Joule's law
C.Renault's law
D.Boyle's law

32. Which law states that the specific heat of a gas remains constant at all temperatures and pressures
A.Charles Law
B.Joule's law
C.Renault's law
D.Boyle's law

33. The same volume of all gases would represent their
B.Specific weights
C.Molecular weights
D.Gas characteristic constants

34. An open system is one in which
A.Mass does not cross boundaries of the system, though energy may do so
B.Neither mass nor energy crosses the boundaries of the system
C.Both energy and mass cross the boundaries of the system
D.Mass crosses the boundary but not the energy

35. Gases have
A.Only one value of specific heat
B.Two values of specific heat
C.Three values of specific heat
D.No value of specific heat

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