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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

302. Work done is zero for the following process
A.Constant volume
B.Free expansion
D.All of the above
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303. For which of the following substances, the gas laws can be used with minimum error
A.Dry steam
B.Wet steam
C.Saturated steam
D.Superheated steam
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304. One calorie in kgm is equal to
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305. The value of the product of molecular weight and the gas characteristic constant for all the gases in M.K.S. unit is
A.29.27 kgfm/mol°K
B.8314 kgfm/mol°K
C.848 kgfm/mol°K
D.427 kgfm/mol°K
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306. On volume basis, air contains following parts of oxygen
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307. Universal gas constant is defined as equal to product of the molecular weight of the gas and
A.Specific heat at constant pressure
B.Specific heat at constant volume
C.Ratio of two specific heats
D.Gas constant
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308. The molecular weight expressed in gm (i.e. 1 gm mole) of all gases at N.T.P. occupies a volume of
A.22.4 litres
B.29.27 liters
C.427 liters
D.8.48 litres
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