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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

246. In a polytropic process, the perfect gas P1 V1, P2 V2 equation can be used only to determine T2.
A.One property at one of the states, provided all other properties are known
B.To relate the end states of a process
C.The intermediate properties during the process
D.The nature of gas
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247. A closed system is one in which
A.Mass does not cross boundaries of the system, though energy may do so
B.Mass crosses the boundary but not the energy
C.Neither mass nor energy crosses the boundaries of the systein both energy and mass cross the boundaries of the system
D.Thermodynamic reactions take place
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248. Temperature of a gas is produced due to
A.Its heating value
B.Kinetic energy of molecules
C.Repulsion of molecules
D.Attraction of molecules
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249. According to kinetic theory of gases, the absolute zero temperature is attained when
A.Volume of the gas is zero
B.Pressure of the gas is zero
C.Kinetic energy of the molecules is zero
D.Specific heat of gas is zero
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250. Kinetic theory of gases assumes that the collisions between the molecules are
A.Perfectly elastic
B.Perfectly inelastic
C.Partly elastic
D.Partly inelastic
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251. The pressure of a gas in terms of its mean kinetic energy per unit volume E is equal to
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252. Superheated vapour behaves
A.Exactly as gas
B.As steam
C.As ordinary vapour
D.Approximately as a gas
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