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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

162. The ratio of specific heat at constant pressure (Cp) and specific heat at constant volume (cv) is
A.Equal to one
B.Less than one
C.Greater than one
D.None of these
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163. Carbonisation of coal consists of
A.Drying and crushing the coal to fine powder
B.Moulding the finely ground coal under pressure with or without a binding material
C.Heating the wood with a limited supply of air to temperature not less than 280°K
D.None of the above
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164. According to Gay-Lussac law for a perfect gas, P/T = constant, if V is kept constant
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165. There is no change in internal energy in an iso-thermal process
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166. If the value of n = 0 in the equation pvn = C, then the process is called
A.Constant volume process
B.Adiabatic process
C.Constant pressure process
D.Isothermal process
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167. When coal is strongly heated continuously for 42 to 48 hours in the absence of air in a closed vessel, the process is known as __________ of fuel.
D.None of these
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168. Which of the following is correct?
A.Absolute pressure = Gauge pressure + atmospheric pressure
B.Gauge pressure = Absolute pressure + Atmospheric pressure
C.Atmospheric pressure = Absolute pressure + Gauge pressure
D.Absolute pressure = Gauge pressure - Atmospheric pressure
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