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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

8. According to Gay-Lussac law for a perfect gas, the absolute pressure of given mass varies directly as
C.Absolute temperature, if volume is kept constant
D.Volume, if temperature is kept constant
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9. General gas equation is
C.PV = C
D.Cp -Cv = R
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10. An ideal gas as compared to a real gas at very high pressure occupies
A.More volume
B.Less volume
C.Same volume
D.Unpredictable behaviour
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11. Which of the following can be regarded as gas so that gas laws could be applicable, within the commonly encountered temperature limits?
A.O2, N2, steam, C02
B.O2, N2, water vapour
C.SO2, NH3, CO2, moisture
D.O2, N2, H2, air
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12. According to Dalton's law, the total pres sure of the mixture of gases is equal to
A.Greater of the partial pressures of all
B.Average of the partial pressures of all
C.Sum of the partial pressures of all
D.Sum of the partial pressures of all divided by average molecular weight
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13. The unit of pressure in S.I. units is
B.Mm of water column
D.Dynes per square cm
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14. Temperature of a gas is produced due to
A.Its heating value
B.Kinetic energy of molecules
C.Repulsion of molecules
D.Attraction of molecules
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