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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

106. Which of the following represents the perpetual motion of the first kind
A.Engine with 100% thermal efficiency
B.A fully reversible engine
C.Transfer of heat energy from low temperature source to high temperature source
D.A machine that continuously creates its own energy

107. If a system after undergoing a series of processes, returns to the initial state then
A.Process is thermodynamically in equilibrium
B.Process is executed in closed system cycle
C.Its entropy will change due to irreversibility
D.Sum of heat and work transfer will be zero

108. An actual engine is to be designed having same efficiency as the Carnot cycle; Such a proposition is
D.Possible, but with lot of sophistication's

109. In a Carnot cycle, heat is transferred at
A.Constant pressure
B.Constant volume
C.Constant temperature
D.Constant enthaply

110. A manufacturer claims to have a heat engine capable of developing 20 h.p. by receiving heat input of 400 kcal/mt and working between the temperature limits of 227C and 27C CHis claim is
B.Not possible
C.May be possible with lot of sophistications
D.Cost will be very high

111. A diathermic wall is one which
A.Prevents thermal interaction
B.Permits thermal interaction
C.Encourages thermal interaction
D.Discourages thermal interaction

112. The door of a running refrigerator inside a room was left open which of the following statements is correct?
A.The room will be cooled to the temperature inside the refrigerator
B.The room will be cooled very slightly
C.The room will be gradually warmed up
D.The temperature of the air in room will remain unaffected

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